8 Things I'm Loving This Week


The best parts of my week… in images.

  1. Someone gifted me this pink peony. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Pink Peony

2. This must be a year for spectacular peonies because the next day I saw these…

I can’t get enough of these luscious peony colors.

3. The weather finally allowed for me to spend an afternoon in my hammock… and 4. my cat saw fit to join me

Angela Amias
gorgeous orange cat

5. This new notebook, which I found at The Strand in New York. I didn’t need another notebook, but I couldn’t resist that French writing. (Extra bonus: the pages are dark so I get to use my white pen.)

Notebook from Paris

6. Speaking of French, I discovered this review of the Faces of the Divine Feminine Oracle on YouTube. It's all in French and I don't speak French but my sister does and she reports that the reviewer called Megan Matthews and me "a formidable team." I completely agree :) 


7. I’ve been making some more tulip art and decided that I’ve got enough pieces to actually turn it into a series, which I’m calling Botanica.


8. Lastly, this book is speaking directly to my soul.

The Radiance Sutras

“At the end of the exhale,

Breath surrenders to quietude.

For a moment you hang in the balance—


In the fertile spaciousness

That is the source of breath.

At the end of the inhale,

Filled with the song of the breath,

There is a moment when you are simply

Holding the tender mystery.

In these interludes,

Experience opens into exquisite vastness

With no beginning and no end.

Embrace this infinity without reservation.

You are its vessel.”


Hit me up in the comments and let me know what you are loving this week!