a conversation in two parts


Sometimes, when I get stuck working on a piece, my way of getting unstuck is to meander through my collection of old papers--

maps, journal pages, sheet music, and scraps of old poems I wrote. Last week I found this old poem is my collection. I think I wrote it in 2015 or 2016. You can read the poem in full below the image and then see some close-ups of how I incorporated the words into my mixed media work.



a conversation in two parts


i am not going to pretend i don't hear your voice

in my head every night          i sleep

      and your words wrap themselves around me

                  like vines

                               it takes me

                half the morning to find

                        my own words

                              all those unspoken




                                   all the threads 

                                  of interrupted


                               the clarifications

                        of past miscommunication

             unfurling silently, without mercy

       all the words i never said

                            drift before me

like ghosts, mumbling their regrets


what does it matter all the things 

                         left unsaid

     all the broken pieces

           of dreams


   make-believe    and 



                       what is 

                  meant to be?

  did you forget

to consider

   the possibility

                            that this is

                   what was meant to be-- 

        the loose ends     the story

             that stops mid-sentence

      without resolution or conclusion,


Have a favorite way of getting yourself unstuck with your creative work? Let me know in the comments.



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