adventures in charcoal portraiture

charcoal sketch exploring qualities of the divine feminine

A creative hummingbird gets serious.

On the first day of June, I found myself longing for some charcoal sketching, which I hadn't really done since the winter and then only briefly. I decided, rather impetuously, to complete one portrait sketch per day for the month of June as a way of improving my drawing skills and my eye. 

As a creative hummingbird by nature, I'm always flitting between a dozen different projects at once and it was a little scary to make a commitment to do one thing for thirty days in a row.  Last winter, I read The Renaissance Soul, which is all about people who have multiple passions which can pull in so many directions. I've been using some of the suggestions, like limiting myself to four passions at a time, which is kinda ridiculously difficult but seems to be paying off for me in terms of being able to dive deeply into projects.

Faces of the Divine Feminine

Most of the way through the project, I suddenly realized that these portraits should be oracle cards exploring aspects of the divine feminine. 40 qualities came rushing onto the page during my morning journaling. 

morning journaling on aspects of the divine feminine

morning journaling on aspects of the divine feminine

I then invited a dear writer friend of mine to collaborate on this project and provide the text to accompany my charcoal portraits for the oracle deck. We are hoping to have the oracle decks out this fall. Below you can see a couple mock-ups as examples. 


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