December and the fallow field


Learning to welcome the fallow field

One of the things I’ve been learning over the past few years is how to be in harmony with the seasons.

As my awareness of self has increased through meditation and journaling and introspective observations, I’ve noticed that my energy levels ebb and flow dramatically with the seasons. Spring and summer are ripe with creative energy. Seeds are planted, and then tended. Things grow and blossom. These rhythms were particularly distinct this year. 

pen and ink flower line drawing

Attuning to natural rhythms in an art.

practicing the art of gratitude

In years past, I’ve made the mistake of taking my creative spring seedlings and trying to force them to bear fruit far too quickly. This spring, I learned the art of slow nurturing and let my ideas grow slowly and take root. Summer was a flurry of creative activity (I created 50 drawing and paintings over the summer, a pace that felt natural at the time but looking back boggles my mind.) 


And then came autumn harvest. Before I moved to Iowa and got to know some farmers, I had no idea that it is common for farmers to harvest their crops through the night, barely sleeping at all. For the most part, I managed to protect my sleep. Even so, autumn was a blur with the rush to get everything in for the publication of the Faces of the Divine Feminine Oracle. And then fulfilling all the orders from our very successful pre-order sale of the oracle cards. And then, creating a free e-course, Playing with the Divine Feminine, to accompany the release of oracle deck. 

pen and ink leaf line drawing

Welcome, winter: the fallow season.

And here is December. It takes me a little time to shift into contemplative mode again. My planner is gloriously sparse— there is yoga, time with friends, my upcoming birthday celebration, holiday plans. For this entire month, I am creating a contemplative journaling and meditation practice looking back over the year and dreaming my new year into being. I have ideas to turn it into an offering for others, though an e-book or an online class. But for now, it is just a daily process of me turning over the soil of my field, sifting, perhaps digging deep here and there. And then creating a few soft wishes and visions for my new year. 

women who run with the wolves

I have three delicious books on my to-read list for winter. Women Who Run with the Wolves (embarrassingly, it’s been on my reading list since it was published in 1992!), In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: close encounters with addiction, and Therapeutic Journal Writing. 


And I have cooking and baking and general holiday cheer-making to look forward to this month. I am imagining all these things, the food and cheer, the books, the journaling and meditation— all of it— like seeds and fertilizer for my field. We shall see what grows of this next year.

What about you? What’s singing in your heart and growing in your soul this month? What are your favorite wintertime rituals?  As always, I’d love to hear from you.