The Creative Heart Library... now bigger and better!

One of my new desktop backgrounds. I love this line by Rumi.

One of my new desktop backgrounds. I love this line by Rumi.

I’ve just spent the weekend updating my members-only Creative Heart Library and making it super awesome. 

(Speaking of awesome, I’m currently listening to David Sedaris’s book Calypso*, in which he notes that the word awesome is way overused by Americans. I laughed out loud when he said that because I use the word awesome at least a dozen times a day. Look! I’ve used it three times in this blog post already.) 

One of the new free smartphone backgrounds

One of the new free smartphone backgrounds

But back to the Creative Heart Library, which now includes free high-resolution smartphone wallpapers and desktop backgrounds of my artwork, as well as all my guided meditations, which you can download and listen to anywhere

And I finally got around to curating the list of all my favorite books this weekend (as well as talks and interviews) on the topics of creativity, self-discovery and personal development. 

I’ve had so much fun creating this list of books. I spent the last two days combing through all my bookshelves to find the books that have been life-changing for me. 

And in the process of combing through all my books, I also found a number of books that I haven’t read yet. So it was also like Christmas morning for me! (Am I the only one whose book buying habits are more aspirational than realistic? I’m sure I can’t be.) 

Here are a few of the books I discovered on my shelves that I haven’t read yet but really want to. 

A few of the books I want to read.

Want to explore all these new and awesome** goodies I put together in the resource library?

You can get access to it below. 



* P.S. Calypso is a really good book. David Sedaris is always funny. In this book, he’s very funny but he also writes about his sister’s suicide and his mother’s alcoholism. It’s really quite touching and emotional, which I hadn’t expected. 

** I’m going to cut and paste the thesaurus entry for awesome and put it on my desktop so I can make the word awesome a “word to phase out” and make words like formidable, breathtaking, and jaw-dropping my “words to phase in.” (Does anyone ever actually use the phrase “jaw-dropping?” It’s kind of creepy I think.)