celebrating the launch of my meditation shop


I am celebrating the launch of my new meditation shop by offering a free guided meditation.

Strange thing: I've been writing and recording meditations since 2011. And it's always been my intent to eventually offer these for sale, but there has always been something that's gotten in my way. For and foremost: It's awkward listening to my own voice recorded. In fact, awkward probably doesn't capture the feeling accurately. It's more like it's a cross between awkward and agonizing. I've been recording guided meditations and relaxation exercises for clients on the fly for several years now, but I do only minimal editing of the tracks. Whereas offering these meditations for sale meant sitting at my computer for quite a while, listening and re-listening to the tracks to balance volume levels between music and voice and to edit out extraneous noises. 

Turns out, I make a lot of random sounds with my mouth.

Listening to these unedited tracks was the audio experience of what happened when I recorded some videos last fall and I discovered just how expressive my face is. I mean, I knew I had an expressive face but... I didn't realize until watching myself communicate directly into the camera how over-the-top animated my face can be.  Ditto for my vocal expression.

So, putting myself out there in a new way has required me to up my self-care and self-love game again.

And to remind myself that each time we stretch our wings in a new way, it's natural to feel some fear and self-doubt. 

I love writing guided meditations and I have quite a collection of drafts of meditations, relaxation exercises, and creative visualizations. I'm going to be releasing more recordings as the weeks go on. It's part of turning my focus back to the healing aspects of my work and balancing my art products with offerings centered around personal transformation.  

And speaking of art, I had SO MUCH FUN creating the album covers for these meditations.

A few years ago, I visited Highgate Cemetery in London with the express purpose of photographing the gorgeous angel statues there. (Speaking of Highgate, if you ever have a chance to visit, do! My traveling companions have learned to tolerate my odd and eclectic tourist itineraries, but Highgate ended up being a highlight of the trip to London for all of us.)

I've been holding on the all the photos of the angels, knowing that one day I would find a use for them and it turns out that they make perfect backgrounds for the meditation album covers. 

You can download the free meditation by clicking on the link below, as well as hear samples of my other meditations. 

And, as always, much love to you.