an oracle reading for this week

an oracle card reading with the Faces of the Divine Feminine Oracle

Weekly Oracle Card Reading

My favorite way to do a weekly oracle reading with the Faces of the Divine Feminine Oracle is to draw three cards. The first card on top is the theme for the week. The second card (on the left) is the quality to call on during the week to navigate challenges. And the third card (on the right) is the quality that will enhance your life experience this week. Below I've included the entire passage from the deck for Intuition, along with excerpts from Sacred and Desire, so that you can consider how these qualities can work together for you this week.



P.S. You can learn more about the Faces of the Divine Feminine Oracle by clicking HERE. 

Intuition is the theme for this week. 

"When skimming the surface of things, Intuition has nothing.  And when cruising as a guest in the boater’s floating paradise, she doesn’t expect to instinctively understand the exact qualities of the water simply because she’s a passenger.  Intuition doesn’t guess and she is not one to blindly open herself to error through rash, superficial, or shallow assumptions.  Intuition is too precise for that.  She simply waits until she has the opportunity to blend with the water— and in the meantime, she wears her life jacket.

Intuition doesn’t pretend to know the temperature of the water before she has swam in it; nor does she claim to know the contents of the ocean’s floor before she has felt it herself. She knows better than to assume she could predict the amount of loot in the submerged pirate’s ship before actually taking the plunge. When out of range to her subject— whatever this subject is— she has no data, no ideas, no feelings, no gut instinct.  It isn’t that she isn’t solidly gifted in the understanding of human beings (and herself in relation to them.)  It’s simply that life has taught Intuition that it is in the deep diving of the human experience where she gains access to the ship’s sunken treasure. 

Perhaps this isn’t making sense to you, dear reader, as many of us are taught to think of intuition as an all-knowing and flawless concept.  And within this construct, we feel we’ve let ourselves down when we don’t predict outcomes like the psychic at the local fair.  You might ask yourself, why would intuition have to investigate something, isn’t she supposed to just know?  Why did she mess up, fail me, how did I miss that information?

 Love, that would be like expecting the hungry passerby drawn to the false storefront of an amusement park— which was created to be pretty and decorative and real-looking upon sight— to be able to know the building is false by sight alone.  Unless this person is a mind-reader, she would have to get close or try the door in order to understand the illusion of the building.

Why would your life be any different?  The gift of Intuition has come today to tell you that you are doing great. And to help you to understand where you are setting yourself up for failure by expecting to be 100% able to predict the pitfalls and disappointments in life.  She is here to allow you to see where some of the things you “missed” were actually part of your larger Self’s calling for growth. 

Remember, Intuition isn’t a mind-reader and she doesn’t work at the carnival.  Don’t get it wrong, Intuition loves a good ride, she just prefers to earn her keep in a different environment."

Call on the quality of Sacred for navigating challenges this week. 

"If you have already found what is sacred inside of self and have found a way to walk this preciousness out into the world— and find likeness with elements in your world— then know this card is here to amplify the importance of this activity in your life.  If you have yet to complete the journey to an intimate understanding of your own self-worth, then please allow Sacred to take you under her wing and show you her way. 

This card invites you to dig deeper into what you personally find sacred and to create a hallowed ritual of appreciation and devotion to nurture that spark of holiness within yourself. And once you lock down your own importance you safeguard it.  You don’t put it in a safe, but you safeguard it.  Think of the things we find less valuable than our own essential elements.  We most likely find our car important, but not necessary to our being.   Yet we lock the car doors and often park it in a locked garage.  We make sure to create safety in and around our car.  Sacred is asking you to do the same for the immaterial aspects you define as essential to who you are."

Allow Desire to enrich your life this week. 

"Take a moment now to be one with Desire, for she has chosen you. By picking this card, you are either calling in or amplifying her qualities. Perhaps it’s time to find a quiet and safe spot to lie on your back. Desire invites you to get in touch with your internal experience. Placing one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach, the quality of desire invites you to feel into what it means to you to inhabit this physical form. What pleasures are uniquely yours, generated specifically by the heat of your particular desires?"

All text © 2017 Megan Matthews and Angela Amias