Faces of the Divine Feminine Oracle now available for pre-order


Hi all! I am just dropping in to announce some very exciting news-- the Faces of the Divine Feminine Oracle is scheduled to be released on November 10th! And as a way of saying thank you, we are running a 20% off sale between now and the release date. 

Clicking on the above image will take you right to my shop where you can purchase the oracle deck. 

Author and Artist

Author and Artist

This weekend, my oracle co-creator Megan Matthews and I were hard at work creating the Faces of the Divine Feminine website. Once the oracle deck is released, we'll be posting weekly oracle readings on our blog, so stay tuned for that.

You can also read more about the oracle deck and learn about the amazing Megan Matthews. 


Another exciting tidbit of news is that I nearly done with a free e-course I am putting together on ways to use the Faces of the Divine Feminine Oracle, including guidance on how to integrate the cards into a journaling practice and how to use them as a meditation tool. I'm offering this e-course free to all subscribers of the Creative Heart newsletter, so if you are not already a subscriber, you can sign up below. 

I'm off to Alena Hennessy's Soul Painting Retreat in New York later this week. I'm looking forward to painting, rest, relaxation, ocean views and lavender fields. 

And, as always...

Much love to you,


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