seeking the divine feminine through the art of deep play

This summer has been rich with deep exploration of my purpose in life and my purpose in my work. Journals have been filled with explorations of the threads connecting my work as an artist and my work as a therapist and how both of these aspects of my work flow directly from my values: connection with others, deep play, self-discovery, creative expression, transformation, beauty, and heart-centered living. 

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new website and a new blog

July marks my three year blog-iversary. Since summer of 2014 I've been blogging, sometimes more regularly than others, on topics related to the exploration of living a heart-centered life. Over the past several months, as my focus has shifted more and more toward my artwork and ways to incorporate my two passions- creativity and personal growth/healing- I've realized that I'd outgrown my previous blog and wanted something more closely tied to creative exploration and healing

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adventures in charcoal portraiture

On the first day of June, I found myself longing for some charcoal sketching, which I hadn't really done since the winter and then only briefly. I decided, rather impetuously, to complete one portrait sketch per day for the month of June as a way of improving my drawing skills and my eye.

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