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The Faces of the Divine Feminine Oracle is like having a circle of wise women at your fingertips. Each card represents an aspect of the divine feminine— qualities we all contain, emotions we all experience.

The stories told are not a replication of your own life, but, just as a drop of rain falling into the ocean blends with the whole, we hope you will find a homecoming as the story of each card intersects with the layered aspects of your own experiences.

The Faces of the Divine Feminine Oracle has issued an open invitation to growth.  The doorway is through the cards.  The path you walk is up to you. 

Our wish for you is to gain access to your own true self, your intuitive wisdom, your inner goddess. May you learn what it is you came to learn, grow in the ways your spirit is calling you to grow, and rejoice in all that you have become. 


This deck is contains 40 cards, featuring charcoal portraits by Angela Amias and a 90-page booklet with accompanying essays by Megan Matthews. 

Rebirth Oracle.jpg

“.... Rebirth is a replication, a formula of sorts. Though our human DNA is encoded with a road map, the divine feminine is here to remind us that rebirth is not something we master using the mind alone. You are not bound in shape, but free flowing like the river that carves the land....”

from Rebirth 


“.... In the beginning of time, over time, wom- an and wolf became friendly. Woman wanted fire, wolf wanted fire. Woman needed fed— wolf too. We wonder how many years of domestication it took for them to realize that when the fire was gone, they had each other to warm....”

from Courage 


“.... The artistry of flight is in the design of the bird. The resting eagle does not withstand the storm because it trusts the elements to behave or the branch to survive the wind, but because it trusts in its innate ability to fly....”

from Flight 


“.... Many wise women have lived before us, worshipping in the moon’s distinctly feminine energy and bathing in her mag- ic. Through dance and drumbeat, they’ve absorbed her stories and handed down her essence....”

from Observation 


You can read more of Angela's story about how this project developed by clicking on the link below.