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About Angela, the artist

Angela is a mixed-media artist and psychotherapist, an ardent lover of people, and an honored witness to the beautiful complexities of the human experience. Angela is best known for her emotionally-evocative and sometimes lyrical portraits of women. Her work reflects her profound faith in the power of honoring the messy nature of being human, as well as her belief that welcoming all aspects of ourselves— the light and the shadow— offers a path to creating a life of beauty and meaning.

A creative hummingbird by nature, since childhood Angela has flitted between writing, jewelry-making, sewing and embroidery, drawing, collage, poetry, art journaling, painting, and photography. Eventually, and perhaps inevitably, she settled on mixed-media as her primary mode of visual expression as it allows her to integrate many of these art forms into her work. Reflecting her daily practice of meditative journaling, her art often integrates the written word. Phrases that float through her mind as she's working, bits of poetry and parts of journal pages all make their way into her pieces.

Angela’s work has been featured in Memoir MagazineSomerset Digital Studio, Up the Staircase Quarterly and Still Point Arts Quarterly.  Her work has been exhibited in galleries around the United States. Angela is also the co-creator of the Faces of the Divine Feminine Oracle, published in November 2017.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Angela now makes her happy home in Iowa City, Iowa.


About Angela, the healer

Angela’s philosophy of healing is one that focuses on deepening connections to self, spirit, and others. This work begins with learning to find our way to that place of stillness and quiet within, where we can encounter our eternal nature and experience the perfection of our true selves. Angela's healing work is grounded in her belief that personal growth and transformation require learning how to become compassionate witnesses to our struggles and challenges. For it is through cultivating self-love and self-compassion that we see how our personal stories and experiences fit within the larger story of the human condition. We discover that it is, in fact, our complex pasts, our hurts and traumas, that bind us to others and bring us into the circle of humanity. And as we learn how to welcome all aspects of ourselves— the light and the shadow— we find a path to creating a life of beauty and meaning. 

Angela has extensive experience and training in the use of creative visualization, guided meditation, and the creative arts in transformational healing and personal development. She is a Certified HeartMath practitioner, an Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner, a Reiki II energy healing practitioner, and a hypnosis practitioner. She has integrated all these modalities into an approach she calls deep play, which reflects her experience that play is a powerful, and much under-utilized, tool for transformation and self-discovery. It is this approach of deep play that underlies all her healing e-courses and guided meditations.

Angela is a contributing author of the Clinical EFT Handbook. She has been published in Energy Psychology Journal and has written for EFT Universe and the HeartMath Institute.

guided meditations and creative healing
Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
— Thomas Merton